Business Registration.

  1. Sole proprietorship.
  2. Partnership.
  3. Corporation with complete minute book and seal.
  4. Non profit organization.
  5. Charity.

Business Setup

We will provide you with the guidance to take that very first step in the right direction when setting up your business. Our aim is to plan and execute your good ideas so that they can be implemented in the best possible way and make your ideas profitable. We will provide all necessary services like softwares, consultation in tax, selecting an year end for the business etc.

Business Planning

Planning is the most important aspect in running a successful business. Being experienced professionals we can provide good planning services like

  1. Financial Projections of upto 10 years including revenues, expenses, income statements, capital assets, personal costs, balance sheets, cash flows and risk analysis.
  2. Marketing and advertising plans.
  3. Helping you present the plans to the stakeholders, financial institutions, investors and partners.
  4. Helping to obain fundings from sources and utilizing them properly.

Internal Control Service

This service allows you to manage and surpass obstacles that arise in the way of any business plan. It encompasses management and control of resources, systems, processes and structure. We have for you in this area

  1. Structural assessment.
  2. Design and implementation.
  3. Development of Risk Treatment Plans.
  4. Development of Opportunity Exploitation Plans.
  5. Regulatory refreshment.