Wealth Accumulation

  1. Long-term savings programs, designed to help you create, accumulate, manage and preserve wealth, including Retirement Planning programs for pre- and post-retirement.
  2. Segregated Funds.
  3. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).
  4. Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF) and Term Accounts.
  5. Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP).
  6. Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF) and Life Income Funds (LIF).
  7. Annuities.
  8. Estate Planning.
  9. Private Wealth Management.


We have Products designed to protect you, and your family, against loss of earning power.

  1. Whole life, term, universal life insurance.
  2. Income continuance (disability coverage).
  3. Critical Illness coverage.
  4. Mortgage insurance.


One of the biggest investment in most of the people’s lives is buying their home and the process of mortgage is one of the complex processes. We offer you advices on how to reduce your mortgage period. We consistently try to exceed expectations in providing our clients with mortgage lending solutions and related services like Mortgage valuation, property inspection, mortgage servicing and mortgage risk rating etc.

Mutual Funds

We provide mutual fund professional management and allow you to invest it in stocks, bonds, short term money markets and securities. We deal in

  1. Open end funds.
  2. Equity funds.
  3. Bond funds.
  4. Money market funds.

We also manage costs related to funds like management fees, non management fees, investor fees and expenses etc. so that you are relieved from all the hassles and focus on your profits.