"We offer great value and quality when it comes to the tax services. Whether it is personal or corporate tax returns we are commited towards the best interest of the clients and we also focus on the accuracy of the tax reports we produce. Following Tax Services come under our umbrella"

Corporate Tax Services

Our corporate tax services cover both federal and provincial tax returns and it is very affordable.
Some highlights are as follows

  1. T2 corporate tax returns.
  2. Processing and handling of GST/PST/HST.
  3. GST Remittance and required forms for vendors, individuals and non-registered business.
  4. Corporate tax reporting and installments handling.
  5. PD7A, WSIB, EHT.
  6. Offering innovative strategies to cut your tax liabilities.
  7. CCRA required GIFI schedules completion for income tax returns.

Personle Tax Services

When it comes to preparing personal tax returns we operate in a professional manner and produce computer generated returns.
We can also offer you

  1. Personal Tax Returns.
  2. Personal Income Tax Planning.
  3. Extracting maximum possible refund through distinct methods and reducing your tax liability.
  4. Tax disputes settlements.

Tax Audit/Apeals

Our clients can be benefited from our experience in representing their matters to the Canada Revenue Agency. Two important aspects for business is filing the information and defending its accuracy if its questioned through an audit or review, we deal in both of the areas to provide complete satisfaction to the clients.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services offer a great combination of technology and best methods, due to which
we have maintained practicle and timely assisstance to our clients.

  1. Statement of account for current source deduction.
  2. Workers compensation reports.
  3. Records of employment.
  4. T4, T4A and T5 information slips.

Bank Reconciliations and Cash Flows

This service allows to get a comaprison between bank statements and general ledger cash account and then allow us to balance and manage bank accounts and other statements.
Electronic transfers, funds transfers, loans and other bank transcations will be maintained.

Financial Services

Our financial services will keep you on the edge for in time and effective business decisions, we achieve that edge by giving you up to date and professional financial statements and reports in easily readable formats. Services include

  1. Income statment.
  2. Balance sheet.
  3. Cash flow statment.

E-File Services

It used to be the case that tax preparation was a nightmare you passed onto other people. These days, electronic filing is becoming the norm. Here we will provide you with the luxury of just giving us your information and we will file your tax refunds electronically saving you time and both mental stress. Enjoy the benefits that come with electronic filing tax returns electronically - from quicker refunds to having your refund deposited directly into your checking or savings account.